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Pellet Stove Review United States Stove 5500M

United States Stove Model 5500M Pellet Stove Review
The United States Stove Model 5500M Pellet Stove

If you search for a pellet stove review, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across products made by United States Stove. They’ve been a popular option for anyone shopping for heaters since 1926. Even before they were officially known as US Stove, the company made stoves of every kind since 1869. In their current catalogue, they have a wide variety of multi-fuel stoves, gas heaters, furnaces, and pellet stoves.

The 5500M is the flagship model of their pellet stove line. The 5500M is a large stove, and it can comfortably heat a 2,200 square-foot home. Normally, a pellet stove capable of heating an entire house would be very large and heavy, but the 5500M is lighter than the typical large stove. A furnace with equivalent heating capabilities can be difficult to install and maintain due to its weight and size. When you’re shopping for a pellet stove, it’s always important to consider where the stove will end up in your home. A pellet furnace that weighs 400 pounds will generate many more BTUs than a smaller model, but it will be very hard to move into the right spot. Since the 5500M only weighs 287 pounds, it’s a great alternative to large pellet furnaces that produce the same amount of heat.

US Stove 5500M Wood Pellet Facts

  • Model number 5500M
  • Freestanding pellet stove with automatic pellet hopper
  • Automatic ignition system
  • Pellet hopper capacity of 120 pounds
  • Shipping weight of 287 pounds
  • Produces up to 48,000 BTUs
  • Heats up to 2,200 square feet
  • Single 120 CFM blower
  • Built-in digital control panel with LED display
  • Five different heat settings
  • Dimensions: 26″ x 25″ x 35 1/4″
  • Built-in viewing window
  • Flue collar: 3″
  • EPA certified
  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

US Stove 5500M Features and Benefits

At first glance, the United States Stove 5500M seems very similar to competing models like the Vogelzang Pellet Stoves VG5770 Slimline and the Drolet Eco 45, but there are several key differences that set the 5500M apart from other heaters. The US Stove 5500M comes with a very large hopper that’s capable of holding up to 120 pounds of pellets. That’s three full bags of pellets. If you fill the hopper to capacity, you won’t have to worry about refilling it for several days if you’re running it on a low setting. If you intend to run the pellet stove overnight, you won’t have to worry about it running out of pellets and automatically shutting off while you’re sleeping.

The stove utilizes a modified exhaust fan that creates a negative draft in front of the stove. This makes it much less likely that smoke and flue products will leak out of the pellet stove and into the room. The blower comes programmed with the standard factory settings, but you also have the option to adjust fan yourself using the built-in control panel. There you can control the blower’s intensity, along with the heat settings. This can be very useful if you want to move a lot of air, but keep the stove on a low heat setting.


  • Large pellet hopper lets the stove run for days at a time without refilling
  • Has a neutral design that doesn’t stick out
  • You can customize the fan settings and heat settings
  • Weighs less than the average large pellet stove
  • Many users have given it a favorable pellet stove review
  • The stove has a viewing window so you can watch the flame or examine the burn pot
  • Approved for use in mobile homes
  • Washington State approved
  • Durable steel construction that will last many heating seasons
  • Easy to clean


  • The fan is louder than the average model
  • Requires daily cleaning if you run it on a medium to high setting
  • It can take a while for the startup cycle to finish and begin heating the room
  • Installation parts are not included with the pellet stove

Final Word on the US Stove 5500M Pellet Stove Review

If you’re new to heating your house with wood pellets, the 5500M is a great place to start. It offers a reliable alternative to oil, natural gas, and propane, at a fraction of the price. You’ll save a great deal of money if you switch to wood pellets and use a pellet stove to heat your whole house. Even if you’re simply heating a few rooms or a single floor, a pellet stove can shrink your heating bill if it’s used to supplement an existing heating system.

In one pellet stove review, a 5500M owner said that they’ve been using the stove for over six seasons without encountering any issues. That’s impressive performance no matter how you look at it.

Do you own a United States Stove 5500M pellet stove? Tell us about it in the comments!


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