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Pennington Wood Pellets Review

pennington wood pellets
Pennington Wood Pellet Fuel

Pennington wood pellets are made by Pennington Seed. Pennington is well-known for grass seed, fertilizer, bird seed, and related products for the home and garden. The company has a long track record of supplying products to big box stores like Walmart and Home Depot. This nationwide network means you can find Pennington wood pellet fuel in many places across the country. Unlike Pennington, it’s common for most wood pellet manufacturers to remain regional. They supply local populations with pellets made from locally sourced forest products.

Staying regional helps smaller manufacturers save on transportation costs. A great deal of the total cost of a bag of wood pellets is the cost of the fuel it takes to deliver them, and to bring the raw materials to the factory that makes them. Pennington is a part of the Central Garden and Pet Company, which serves the entire United States from 10 regional supply hubs. That makes it possible for Pennington to compete on a nationwide basis with dozens of local pellet manufacturers. Let’s see how the quality of Pennington Wood Pellet Fuel measures up against other brands.

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