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Drolet Eco 45 Pellet Stove Review

drolet eco 45 pellet stove-woodpelletfacts
The Drolet Eco 45 pellet stove in metallic black finish.

The Drolet Eco 45 pellet stove is a popular choice for a moderately powerful freestanding unit. This particular model has a long track record. Drolet has been making the Eco-45 for almost a decade, so it’s easy to find feedback¬† about how the stove performs.

The Eco-45 has the boxy, utilitarian look of early pellet stoves, although it is free of the usual bright brass trim. The unit has a big viewing window, a big ash drawer, a big warm air outlet, and a big hopper.

Like many pellet and wood stove manufacturers, Drolet is a Canadian company. They make a line of pellet stoves, wood stoves, fireplace inserts, and wood furnaces. Some of their furnaces have enormous capacities. The Drolet HeatPro wood furnace produces 180,000 BTUs,  with an efficiency rating of nearly 80 percent. Their largest pellet stove, the Drolet Eco-65, produces 65,000 BTUs at just under 80 percent efficiency. If you need a lot of heat, a Drolet product can provide it.

The Drolet Eco 45 makes 45,000 BTUs of heat. That’s enough to heat up to 2,000 square feet of floor area. The layout of your house and your heating load can have a big effect on that, however.

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