Enviro Mini Pellet Stove Review

enviro mini wood pellet stoveThe Enviro Mini is a neat little pellet stove. It might not be big enough to heat your whole house, but its compact size and quiet operation make it fit in almost anywhere you need a shot of coziness. Enviro is a trade name for Sherwood Industries, located in Saanichten on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Enviro has a big product line of wood stoves, wood pellet stoves, natural gas stoves, and fireplace inserts.

Sherwood started making stoves in 1989. Their first offering was the Seefire wood stove. It had a large viewing window, which was something of a novelty at the time. Since then, they’ve expanded their production facilities and the sophistication of their products. The Enviro Mini is a great example of the evolution in biomass heaters in the last few decades. The Mini has a compact, European design that appeals to today’s modern consumer. It also has very sophisticated engineering that makes it efficient and easy to operate.

There are many manufacturers of freestanding pellet stoves in today’s marketplace, but the designs are basically either rustic-lodge-style or European appliance. Because wood stoves weren’t used for primary heat sources in regular homes, they stuck to a tradition of ski lodge looks and rugged construction. They also operate more like an appliance than an enclosed fireplace. That’s why the Enviro Mini is in high demand. It works well, and it looks nice in a modern home.

Enviro Mini Wood Pellet Facts

  • Automatic freestanding wood pellet stove
  • Produces up to 30,000 BTUs
  • Heats up to 1,200 square feet
  • 78 percent efficient
  • Optional thermostat available
  • Hold 48 pounds of wood pellets
  • Burns 36 hours on one load
  • Air wash glass
  • EPA-approved
  • Blower moves 130 CFM
  • Burns standard or premium pellets
  • Low draft shutdown
  • Comes in black or stainless steel
  • Flue vent size: 3 inches
  • Rear vent
  • Unit dimensions: 17-1/2″ x 19-1/2″ deep x 34-1/4″ high
  • Hearth pad is 19-3/4″ wide x 24-7/8″ deep
  • Weighs 202 pounds
  • Limited lifetime warranty on stove
  • Limited 3-year warranty on burn pot
  • Limited 2-year warranty on electronics and blowers
  • Limited 1-year warranty on surface finishes, materials, and workmanship

Enviro Mini Features and Benefits

The Enviro Mini is made for convenience. It’s easy to find a spot big enough to place the Mini. It’s approximately 18 inches square, and it’s less than 3 feet tall. Most pellet stoves load from the top, and some stoves are too tall to fill comfortably if you’re petite. The Mini is slightly lower than a kitchen counter, so almost anyone will have an easy time refilling the hopper.

The Mini doesn’t come with a thermostat, but you can purchase one from a dealer or the manufacturer. Small pellets stoves like the Mini can usually be set to maintain a steady temperature in a small area, but a thermostat can be handy to avoid having to fiddle with the unit at all.

Users of the Enviro Mini remark on how quiet the unit is during operation. Pellet stove manufacturers have to compromise between the power of the blowers and the amount of noise their units emit. The Mini produces 130 CFM while running, and the stove has the option to turn the fan off if you like. It can also be rigged so that the combustion fan is located on the exterior of the building which will make the unit half as noisy.

If you’re in a shoulder season, and just want a little bit of heat, the Mini can be dialed down to only 12,000 BTUs. That makes it possible to install the Mini in alcoves and nooks where a more powerful stove might be too hot.

The Enviro Mini has a big ash pan that only needs emptying once a week, and will run a day and a half on a load of pellets. Every two or three days, you should clean the burn pot, heat exchanger, and the viewing glass. You should check the fresh air inlet and clean fly ash from the exhaust system twice a year. Clean the flue every two tons of pellets. Here’s a video of the Enviro Mini in action, with advice on adjusting the flame:


  • Sleek European design
  • Fits almost anywhere
  • Easy to operate and to clean
  • Hopper is easy to load
  • Long run time
  • Very quiet operation
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can heat one floor of a small, open house
  • Big viewing window to enjoy the flames
  • Adjustable feet makes leveling the unit easy
  • Built-in hearth pad


  • Using a thermostat can cause the automatic igniter to wear out faster
  • Only has two blower settings

Final Word on the Enviro Mini

The Mini has been on the market for a long while, so it’s easy to find a lot of feedback from owners. The Mini gets glowing reviews from the vast majority of owners. Many mention how easy the unit is to operate and to clean. Users that have tried other brands that were too noisy rave about the Mini. It’s one of the quietest pellet stoves on the market. The optional exterior combustion air blower is a real winner with owners.

The Enviro Mini has a retail price around $2,500. You’ll also need an exhaust flue, and installation costs. That means you can have the Mini installed for under $3,000, which is quite affordable. There are many coupons and specials available for the unit. It’s possible to find a Mini priced under $2,000 if you hunt around. With so much to recommend it, the Enviro Mini should be considered a best buy.

Do you own an Enviro Mini pellet stove? Let us know how you like it in the comments!

41 thoughts on “Enviro Mini Pellet Stove Review”

  1. We’ve owned our Mini A for four years. If cleaned on regular intervals it will perform flawlessly. The past winter (2015-2016) we burnt 4 tons of pellets. I burn Hamers Hot Ones, and they seem to produce extreme heat with low ash. I’ve tried three other brands, some worked good, some were just ok. Find a pellet that works in your stove and stick with it. Using the Hamers, my cleaning has become the easiest yet. I don’t get 36 hrs on a load of pellets, but I can go a week with out cleaning the burn pot and dumping the ash pan.
    Would I purchase another Mini A…………….without a thought!

  2. Hello Kenny- Thanks for reading Wood Pellet Facts, and for offering our readers the benefit of your experience with the Enviro Mini A.

    We’ve also found that certain brands of pellets seem to work best with a particular pellet stove. With a little experimentation, you can find the right brand at the right price, and then stick with it.

    I think the amount of cleaning a pellet stove requires doesn’t get enough attention when rating pellets stoves. A pellet stove like yours, that only requires weekly maintenance, is a big plus.

  3. This is heating season 3 and I think the Enviro Mini A is a great buy. Make sure you clean all the places as per manual. Also make sure that the rake that cleans the heat exchanger tubes is pushed in all the way to “lock” in position or the stove will buzz at certain feed and fan blower rates. It took me until this fall to figure that out. (much to my annoyance). Overall I am very happy with the stove but it will sometimes go out if I have it on the lowest heating number 1.I use pellets from the Okanagan Pellets or from Pinnacle Natural Pellets, both SPF pellets.

  4. Hello Elmer- Thank you for visiting Wood Pellet Facts, and for offering our readers the benefit of your experience with the Enviro Mini A.

    We find that small details like your advice on locking the cleaning rake to avoid buzzing noises have a big effect on users’ level of satisfaction with their stove.

    We have recently tested Okanagan Pellets and will be posting out review soon.

  5. Hello Pat- Thanks for reading Wood Pellet Facts, and for leaving a comment.

    We have not had a chance to properly test the Green Supreme pellets from Lowe’s yet. They get very mixed reviews in many places. Many users report a lot of ash, and low burn temps. We suggest that you try three bags of these pellets in your pellet stove before you commit to purchasing a ton or more. That way, you’ll see how the pellet performs in your particular stove.

    The Enviro Mini has a nice, big viewing window, so it pays to use pellets that burn a little hotter and produce less soot. That keeps the glass clear. I believe Green Supreme is 90% hardwood, 10% softwood. You might have better luck with a pellet with at least 50% softwood.

  6. I was told there is an air adjustment on the Mini stove to increase or decrease the temperature of the burn.

  7. Hello R Fry- Thanks for reading Wood Pellet Facts, and for leaving a comment about your problems with Enviro Mini pellet stove.

    It can be especially frustrating for pellet stove owners when their stoves don’t work shortly after installation. After you’ve owned it for a while, you have a store of experience for dealing with problems like you’ve described.

    Whenever a stove won’t light, I immediately suspect a problem with the ignitor. Some Enviro Mini users report a problem when their burn pot isn’t pushed all the way back against the igniter tube. In any case, the igniter should glow red during startup. If it doesn’t, it probably needs to be replaced.

  8. Hi, Can a Enviro-Mini be lit from another source, for instance a propane torch, if the igniter fails, so the stove can be used until repaired ?

  9. Hello Tom- Thanks for reading Wood Pellet Facts.

    It is possible, but it’s not recommended to light your Enviro Mini using a propane torch. The combustion chamber must be closed for the stove to work normally. The stove is equipped with a vacuum switch that senses that the door is open and automatically turns off the stove.

    I have seen videos of pellet stove owners who dumped a handful of pellets into the burn pot, hit the on button, and then lit the pellets with a torch. The pellet stove would turn off after several seconds, so they needed to keep restarting it while holding the torch on the pellets. Eventually it kept burning and he closed the door, but it took maybe ten pushes on the startup button to accomplish it. I might chance it in an emergency, but I wouldn’t try it otherwise.

    One other thing: there are a lot of videos on YouTube that show people using firestarting gel on the pellets to start a pellet stove without an ignitor. I’d never try anything like that under any circumstances.

  10. Hi, I bought a used mini back in the summer and tested it out doors for a few hours to see if it worked ok. I installed it last week dec11/17 after my faithful window pellet stove failed. The mini has run for about a week now and as I said to my wife “this is too good to be true”, very quiet.I don’t know much about the stove yet, I called the dealer in Halifax but phones were tied up. My concern is to get critical components on hand or to know where to get them quickly. (I hope I never need any)The parts manual lists them all in detail so I want to get the best prices if you know what I mean, thanks.

  11. Hello Vic- Welcome to Wood Pellet Facts.

    You’ve highlighted an important detail about pellet stoves that’s often overlooked. Some pellet stoves are too noisy to be used in a room where you watch TV. In some cases, the pellet stove is simply too large for the room. Big pellet stoves can turn out over 50,000 BTUs, and even if the fan motor is fairly quiet, the rushing air can be pretty loud. The Enviro Mini is designed for smaller spaces, and the fans aren’t that big or noisy. That’s a big plus if you like to sit near the stove to enjoy the flickering flames, and the radiant heat, but still like to listen to music or watch TV.

    Ebay isn’t a bad resource for older pellet stove parts, but you have to poke around, and be careful about who you buy from. Having the part numbers makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

  12. Glenn in Ontario, Canada

    Bought a well-used Mini this fall, overall pleased with it. I clean it out every 3-4 days using a shop vac with a fine particle dust bag. Learned it’s *especially* important to vacuum out the blower box since ash can get pulled into & clog the vacuum hose connector and then the stove won’t start. As recommended, keeping the burn pot clean is essential. Using the shop vac with a wide nozzle attachment positioned where the closed door would be is *highly* recommended when cleaning the heat exchange tubes!

  13. Hello Glenn- Thanks for visiting Wood Pellet Facts, and for leaving a useful comment.

    The Enviro Mini is getting good reviews. I’ve inspected it, and it does seem quite well made for such an inexpensive pellet stove. I think the design doesn’t try to do too much. It’s a small, compact stove that puts out a moderate amount of BTUs, and it gets the job done. Your observations about the importance of smart, regular cleaning are spot on. In our experience, most pellet stove problems are dirty stove or exhaust flue problems. It’s especially useful for new owners of the Enviro Mini to be able to hear from users like you about the tricks you’ve learned about this particular stove.

    Thanks again!

  14. I have had my mini for 1 and a half years now and i like it even though i have had to make 4 improvements to it
    1 i had to rise the sides of outer burn box 1/2 inch to stop pellets from bouncing all over the bottom of stove.
    2 had to drill 2 more holes in burn pot .
    3 had to take igniter rod out and bend mounting bracket to get igniter rod to sit in center of air tube so it dosent sit on bottom of tube witch would make it burn out sooner.
    4 center inside baffle behind burn pot needed two tabs welded on stede curtens to prevent it from falling forward against door glass.

    Not very good qwality control

  15. Hello Ted- Thanks for reading Wood Pellet Facts, and for leaving a detailed description of your experience with the Enviro Mini pellet stove.

    The modifications you made to your Mini sound smart. They also demonstrate that you fully understand how your pellet stove works, and how to improve its performance. Not very many pellet stove owners understand exactly how their pellet stove operates, and have trouble diagnosing problems and explaining them to the manufacturer’s support staff.

    I think pellet stove manufacturers expect too much from their customers. They assume that everyone who purchases a stove will be comfortable with troubleshooting, repairing, and modifying their stoves. At the same time, they market the stoves to the general public like they were regular appliances, like a refrigerator or stove. The operation of a pellet stove is more complex, and requires more user effort than other appliances, and they should say so.

    Your modification of the burn pot fixes a very common problem with pellet stoves. Almost no standard burn pot is deep enough to catch errant pellets. That’s why so many people modify the burn pots themselves, or purchase a burn pot improver after suffering with smoldering pellets in the ash dump. Pellet stove manufacturers would be smart to listen to their customers, and change the dimensions of the burn pots at the factory.

    Thanks again for offering our readers the benefit of your experience with the Enviro Mini pellet stove.

  16. I came across a used Enviro Mini pellet stove and would like to know what to watch for on a used unit. What kind of questionsnwould you ask the vendor? I have no experience with pellet burning, but due to age and the mess that firewood makes, i am switching over.

  17. Hello Werner- Welcome to Wood Pellet Facts.
    Asking about the age of the Enviro Mini pellet stove you’re thinking about buying is important. Perhaps more important is how many tons of pellets have been burned in the machine during that time. If the pellets stove was only used occasionally, then most of the moving parts should be in good shape. If the previous owner used it a lot, parts like the augur, burnpot, thermodiscs, etc. might be on their last legs.

  18. Thank you for your information. It has been very helpful. I am seriously considering purchasing the mini but have a question about heat distribution. I have a small wood stove located in my living room but it does not heat the back rooms of my home very well. I live in an 1100 sq. foot mobile home with a layout that is choppy/compartmentalized (long hallway with four rooms off of it). I am wondering if I get a mini installed in one of the back bedrooms, would the heat radiate from the bedroom to warm up the other rooms or would most of the heat tend to stay in the room the mini is installed in? Thank you for your advice.

  19. Hello Linda- Welcome to Wood Pellet Facts.

    Based on your description of your home, the Enviro Mini should be a substantial upgrade over a small wood stove. Wood stoves are a radiant heating device, and you have to sit close to them to feel really warm (too warm, sometimes). Pellet stoves make warm air that travels further from the unit itself. The fan on the mini produces 130 CFM. A rule of thumb in heating is that you need 1 CFM for every square foot of floor space. Mobile homes have lower ceiling heights than most homes, so they a bit cosier, and require less CFM to heat the same floor area. The amount of BTUs required to heat your mobile home varies depending on the climate where you live, but the Mini sounds about right for your home.

    Pellet stove manufacturers warn against installing their products in sleeping rooms, and we agree that it’s not good idea. Heated air from the stove can’t travel through walls and doors. In your case, perhaps the best way to ensure a more even heat is to install the pellet stove in the largest open area in your home, and then install small, through-the-wall fans. Fans like that are easy to install and don’t cost too much. They’ll even work with the door closed, although you should cut about an inch off the bottom of the door to the room to let air return to the pellet stove.

    I hope this was helpful.

  20. Hi I had my Mini for a year and now when burning for a while the blower turn of for a minute or two and sometimes longer what’s wrong…thanks…..help….Rick….

  21. Hello Rick- Thanks for reading Wood Pellet Facts.
    That’s a very unusual problem in my experience. Usually fans either work, or they don’t. Intermittent operation could mean that there is a loose connection somewhere, or that the control board that sends electricity to the fan is malfunctioning.

    It’s not clear from your question whether you’re talking about the convection fan (blows hot air into the room), or the combustion (exhaust) fan. Enviro has an unusual convection fan setup, and replacements are expensive. You can find replacements for the exhaust blower for a little more than a hundred dollars if you search online using the part number if that’s the problem.

    I’d try to find the exact cause of the problem before replacing lots of expensive parts. However, it’s really not safe to operate a pellet stove if the fans aren’t operating properly. It could overheat, or fill your house with smoke.

  22. just installed the mini , the hopper is way to small at the top, realy hard to fill, also the controls are way down on the stove & hard to see what u r doing. if these 2 items where fixed would be much better elmer

  23. I had my mini cleaned in the spring by a dealer. For a couple of weeks worked great. Now it seems like the rate the pellets are dropping is too much…pellets outside burn pot etc. I have tried different settings with the augers. Any advice?

  24. Hello Linda- Welcome to Wood Pellet Facts.

    When we encounter a problem with overflowing pellet baskets, the problem gets blamed on the feed rate, but that’s usually not the problem. The feed rates are preset so that the pellets are consumed as more are added. Pellet stove control boards don’t change their minds about this setting overnight. Malfunctions in a control board aren’t usually subtle. If the board is bad, the pellet stove usually won’t operate at all, or malfunctions in several, substantial ways.

    If your stove worked normally after it was cleaned, but doesn’t now, it probably needs to be cleaned again. Any blockage in the air inlets or exhaust flue results in a lazy fire that consumes the pellets too slowly for the feed rate. A lazy, smoldering fire accelerates the buildup of ash and creosote, so the problem gets worse even faster.

    It’s likely that the only answer to your problem is to clean the stove more often. Also, you may want to shop around for pellets that produce very low ash compared to other brands. It’s also useful to make sure your pellets are stored in a very dry environment, so they have as little moisture in them as possible.

  25. I have the enviro mini its a 2 year old model, is it normal for the lights under the auger light to flicker now and then subtly? i have been tripping a breaker a lot that the stove is plugged into and im not sure if its the stove causing it due to a short in the board or if the flickering lights are a result of the breaker tripping so often and harming the board?

  26. Hello Pat- Welcome to Wood Pellet Facts.

    You’re smart to investigate a problem with a tripping breaker, because it indicates an unsafe condition, not just a nuisance. Here’s how I would run down the problem if it happened to me:

    Pellet stoves don’t draw very many amps during operation. I’ve measured my larger pellet stove at just 2 or 3 amps when both fans are running, perhaps as high as 4 amps with the igniter working. If your pellet stove was added to a circuit that already had too many appliances or outlets on it, it could be the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” but it shouldn’t trip a breaker on a regular circuit. To determine how “full” a circuit is, find the amperage on the breaker (typically 15 amps, or perhaps 20). Multiply that by 120 volts to get the available wattage of the circuit (volts x amps = watts). Add up all the wattages of the items on the circuit to see if it’s overloaded. (Here’s a link to a list of typical wattages)

    I’d try temporarily running an extension cord (heavy gauge) from the stove to another plug in the house that’s on a different circuit breaker. If the problem doesn’t repeat itself, then you’ll know the stove is OK. That would mean that the original circuit is overloaded, or perhaps the circuit breaker itself is bad, and should be replaced.

    Flickering lights on appliances are also caused by brownouts. Brownouts are short periods when the voltage being supplied to your home dips as adjustments are made to the power grid. In some rural areas, these can be quite common. If that’s your problem, the lights in the house will also dim at the same time. You can purchase a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and plug the stove into it to solve this problem. These used to be pricey, but you can find them for under $100 now.

    Good luck!

  27. I apparently bought a lemon. As much as I like the look of the stove it has had a series of problems since 6 months after I purchased it to this date. Those problems include the burn pot rotting out, the locking mechanism to the ash pot breaking TWICE, the augur failing and having had to be replaced, the control panel cracking, the pellet bin cover not closing properly, and the combustion fan making a very high pitched whine when the heat level for the stove is set below 4. I have had the stove services by a reputable dealer and operated per intrructions. I am really fond of the stove and the heat it supplies but I have never owned anything that had this many problems within four years or so of purchase.

  28. Where can I buy an Enviro Mini in Victoria? They are made here, but I can’t find a phone number or contact information .


  29. Alex (from Wood Pellet Facts) says in his …review: “That means you can have the Mini installed for under $3,000, which is quite affordable.”

    Yes Alex, this is QUITE affordable for you, too bad it is NOT for the majority of middle class, blue collar families struggling to make ends meet, and YES, I understand you are now shaking your head, you have NO idea what am I talking about.

  30. We have an Enviro mini and our power has gone out 4 times this winter causing the stove to shutdown and our room to be filled with smoke. We’re looking into purchasing a UPS but are uncertain which size to get. Find the wattage/ volts a little confusing. We just want the battery backup to be able to safely shut down the stove.

  31. Hello Michele- Welcome to Wood Pellet Facts. A backup power supply is a great idea if you depend on your pellet stove to continue heating your house during a power outage. Power ratings for pellet stoves can be confusing. The formula for calculating power draw is: Volts x Amps = Watts. So for instance, the Enviro website lists their Mini pellet stove at 4.1 Amps of maximum current (amps)draw. If you multiply 120 volts (typical household voltage) by 4.1 Amps, you get 492 watts. That’s a rating of the maximum amount of power the unit uses. This could include enough electricity to power an igniter, and both fans running at full speed. In our experience, a running pellet stove uses about 2-3 amps when it’s in normal operation, not in startup or shutdown mode, although your unit might be different. Your UPS has to be large enough to handle the maximum wattage (about 500 watts). UPS manufacturers usually have a rating for “runtime at 100 watts” or something similar. That should help you select a UPS that suits your needs. In our experience, having a UPS simply bridges short outages, and it allows you to shut down your pellet stove in an orderly fashion if there’s a more lengthy outage. For running the pellet stove during long outages, we use a generator.

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